The Prophecy of Hiraeth

Long ago, existed a king. This king, from his ancestors inherited a great castle suspended clouds.

He ruled over everything within the castle’s 100 domains with a peaceful, gentle and nurturing hand. This castle came with many secrets, and many tools that allowed the King to jurisdict his kingdom. One of them was called the Ancient Monolith of Life. This tool allowed the king to create life as we know it.

The king created the Yearning Races. Humans were the first. Strong, determined, and filled with innovation. Then came the Chimera, Untamed, wild, yet nurturing. Cyclops, All-knowing, Natural questioners, in pursuit of everything. Vos, striving to prove themselves, ever growing and collected. Adorias, powerful, weathered, and far reaching. Amayi, exploring themselves, the ways of others, and the ways of coexistence.

Hundreds of years went past, as the king grew ever old he knew eventually his reign would be over. He wanted nothing less than for his children, the Yearning Races to rule over themselves, and to share the castle and its 100 domains themselves. Leaving their future up to them. The king then broke apart his crown into _ pieces and placed one shard in the hands of each Yearning Race. With this, he lost all of his immortality and slowly began to die.

In the final days of the king’s life, a cataclysmic event took place. From the grand towers of the Cardinal Palace the king and all of his followers watched awestruck as a glistening star began to grow in the sky. Day after day the star grew brighter and brighter as if hurtling towards the castle. Fearing imminent death of the world that was left in the hands of the king to protect and guide, the king used all of his remaining power to protect the castle. With both arms he grabbed the falling star as it finally came to crashing into the castle. At the expense of many citizens, and nearly half of the palace the king had caught this falling star between his hands.

In his hands, the king did not hold a star nor a comet, but a small object that seemed to resonate, and pulse like a heartbeat. It was an egg. Within it erupted an entity that surpassed the power of the king and all of his disciples. It released a terrible malice on to the perfect castle world, and seeped down into the 100 domains threatening the Yearning Races and all other life. Twisting all that it touched with evil intent, and destruction.

Within each domain existed a great beast, that while in slumber served as an enforcer and protector in place of the King while malevolent could not be in all places at once. The malice from the entity within the comet had infected them with rage, awakening them. It could only do so, because the entity had gripped its power around the Ancient Monolith of Life, and so it was able to tamper with the nature of the beings created with it. The Entity had made the protectors of the domains, into its destroyers, and tasked them with bringing ruin.

Filled with determination and love, the king cast away the entity into the depths of the Cardinal Palace, locked behind 5 massive pillars made out of the cardinal gems. Hoping to save all that he had created. In a last attempt, with his dying breath the king tore away the Entities grasp of the Ancient Monolith of Life, and with it he created 100 gatekeepers. These Gatekeepers, locked away the twisted beasts, sealing them between the corridors of the domains. Before the cast away Entity and his disciples the king roared. “My children will grow, they will learn, and they will become powerful. They will destroy my beloved protectors you have twisted with your malice, they will ascend across all my domains. Freeing themselves. They will then reach my palace, and release you. When they do, they will destroy you. And my world will once again be balanced! Know this beast!”

The king died. Before his dead body, his disciples pledged to guide the Yearning Races to fulfill the king’s prophecy. They etched in stone and erected a massive monument to the king on the first and last domains of the castle. A stone mural depicting the prophecy of the king, and the great invader the Yearning Races will expel.

Slowly the world now locked away, domains locked away from each other, the Yearning Races were left on their own to find their path. With nothing more than an old stone mural to guide them on their path to unknown glory.

What awaits them will only unfold in time. - return